Good Kids


In Week 10 DCUDrama presented a SOLD OUT show unlike anything they’d done before. A Midwestern high school is plagued by different accounts of one drunk teenage raver. One girl tries to piece together the truth about what really  between her and the guy from the party, and the night that everybody seems to have an opinion on, but in the age of Twitter, Snapchat, Constant Updates and Smartphones, how can you tell the fake stories from the real, and what does what you believe, say about you? Good Kids is a harshly truthful account of a party gone wrong, opening up the conversation on the excuses we make for teenagers and young people at parties, after all, they’re all “good kids”. We’re incredibly proud of production and the stance they took during their two sold out, immersive shows.





Directed by Kate Brady

Produced by Stephen Meagher

Stage Managed by Louis Flanagan

Lighting and Sound Design by Sarah Brady