So now you’ve learned a little about us, where do you fit into DCU Drama?

We’re lucky to have between 6 to 7 shows a year, each looking for a production team and cast. And behind all of these shows, is a tireless committee who ensure the society runs smoothly!

The Committee…

If you want to get involved as a committee member for the 2020/21 Season, our AGM will be taking place 0n April 10th! Here we’ll be electing individuals into the existing places, you can find out who to speak to, and what they do on the committee here! We always pride this team on being like a family, so please reach out to us with any questions you may have. We have a weekly committee meeting and aim to be available when needed for the society, it can be time-consuming, but worth every second.

Since 2019, Drama has also featured Subcommittees in Events, P.R and Tech! Our Events and Tech teamwork as seconds to their respective managers and our PR team is currently comprised of Head of Photos, Head of Social Media and Webmaster. These positions are elected in the summertime through applications advertised on our Social Media accounts, so if you don’t have time to dedicate to a committee position, but want an inside view of the society, here’s where you belong!

The Production Teams…

Production Teams for Semester One are selected over summer, and Semester Two applications normally go out around October. Typically, we send out applications on our Social Media for positions we have available, which can range from Directors, Producers, Choreographers, Stage Managers to Musical Directors. Our producers for Semester One are usually committee members to maintain regularity, communication and train others into the role, but this can change with each year and show! These summer applications will ask for some experience relevant to your chosen role, why you would be suited to it, and ideas you may have for the shows, our Semester One shows include the Panto, Gig Theatre Piece and a contemporary play.

Semester Two applications are completely unrestricted, all roles mentioned earlier are available, these feature applications similar to the semester one shows, as well as an interview with our Production Manager and a panel, typically the Tech Manager and Chair or Vice. In the case a committee member goes for a role here, they are given no bias, and will not be chosen to be on the panel. Our Semester Two shows are our Musical, Inters Performance Piece, A contemporary play and our Member Production (providing we have one that year).

Your experience on a Production Team will be what you make of it, but it’s something we recommend to absolutely everyone. We have dozens of testimonials from this year alone of how it can change your college experience. It is fantastic to be on stage, but the process of pulling a piece from your mind to reality is completely invaluable, and there is a sense of pride in this like no other!


We have multiple options for writers now within DCU Drama! Throughout summer, we will be accepting scripts from individuals interested in writing our 2020 Panto, a 2-hour or so piece with plenty of show tunes and cheese, as well as our 2020 Intervarsities entry, a 20m original piece, or adaptation of an existing show. These will be selected before our AGM, and are some of our favourite pieces of the year! As a writer, you will work with a director (or apply yourself!) to put the piece to the stage, and will be a valued member of the process!

Cast Members…

So you’re more of an in the spotlight than a backstage individual? There’s nothing more we like to hear. In DCU Drama you will have ample opportunities to make it onto the big stage, in Semester One our Pantomime is the first-year favourite, but every year we have people from 1st years to PhDs! It’s a lot of fun, always has a HUGE cast, and will fulfil ALL your Musical Theatre needs, as well as our Gig-Theatre piece, which is a Play which will feature music as it’s basis, the perfect balance for an actor/singer, that will have plenty of straight acting roles with no singing too, and lastly our Semester One Contemporary Play.

In Semester Two, things get a bit more musical, with not one but TWO Musical Theatre shows, including our biggest event of the year, the DCU Drama Musical and our annual Musical Theatre Intervarsities entry. The Musical can have a large to small cast depending on the director and will take you to the giant St.Patrick’s Auditorium, it’s a staple of the DCU events calendar every year. MTinters is an intervarsity competition in which 9 of Ireland’s biggest university musical societies compete with 20m adaptations of musicals or original pieces, it’s a fantastic energy and you get to meet a lot of likeminded individuals from across Ireland. And of course, we could never forget our final Contemporary Play of the year, with the benefit of being the only play between our big ol’ showtunes the second-semester play always brings us back to our dramatic roots.

Our Auditions are friendly and professional, this year we had the joy of each of our Semester One shows being led by a First-Year lead. We try and be as inclusive as possible, and promise you if you put the work in, we will notice.

Between all of this we have opportunities to perform in Fresher’s Fringe, Open Mic Nights, and workshops! Whether you can give the time or not to a show, Drama will always give time to you.