“Love Always, Charlie” – Meet the Cast

DCU Drama kicks off the 2019/20 season with the Gig Theatre production “Love Always, Charlie”, based on the 1999 novel “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”.

The story follows a young narrator as he struggles to find his way through high school, alongside an eclectic cast of characters who are all struggling for acceptance despite their own personal struggles. The famous soundtrack from the film with the coming of age story’s mix-tape brings the piece to life as our Gig Theatre piece. What the cast find out is that, when life gets you down, all you need is that perfect song on that perfect drive to feel infinite.

Charlie – David Cotter

“I’ve been involved in drama since I was a kid! I did drama after school and was involved with youth theatre in Cork School of Music and in the drama society at UCC (briefly). This is my first time doing anything in DCU Drama and it’s been a wonderful experience meeting everybody and getting to know so many new and amazing people.
I play Charlie and I feel like Charlie has a heart of gold but finds it difficult to express it. He tries his best but he’s not the strongest in social situations and it takes finding people who love home unconditionally for him to really find his feet. He’s sweet and always tries to put others before himself even though this might cause problems for him down the line.
People should see the show because it’s a really human story about finding your feet and learning how to be the most honest version of yourself. It’s got a huge range of emotions and will make you laugh and cry a hundred times over. Everyone involved has put their heart and soul into the it and it really shows. Plus the music is AMAZING. The band is so talented and the music adds so much to the story”.

Patrick – Cameron Kelly

“I’ve been doing Musical Theatre since the age of 10 and played rolls such as Mr. Mistoffelees in Cats and the Wolf in Into the Woods. In 2016 I was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship to the AIMS musical theatre summer camp and also attended the camp in 2017. In 2016 I was cast as Wishee Washee in Thurles Community Pantos’ Aladdin and Co-Directed the following year. Last year I was cast in DCU Dramas Panto “Freshers the Musical” as Terrance Larkin and also took part in Dramas semester 2 production of Chicago. This year I am so happy to be playing Patrick in Love Always Charlie. I am thoroughly enjoying the part, I don’t think I’ve played a part in the past that I relate to as much as I do with Patrick. Love Always Charlie is such a real representation of some of the struggles surrounding domestic violence, sexuality, youth, naivety and societal expectations with the odd musical number added in along the way so I guess It has something that everyone can relate to so get your tickets asap!”

Sam – Sinead McCrohan

“I started performing at a young age when I was enrolled in dancing lessons with the Irish School of Ballet and KidKast Stage School, along with some Irish dancing too! At 15 I joined Baldoyle Musical Society and have performed in almost all of their shows since 2014. I’ve really enjoyed performing in shows like “9-5: The Musical”, “Anything Goes” and “Sweet Charity”…not to mention a number of pantomimes too! My life changed in February 2019 when I began choreographing Hadestown, which was DCU’s piece for the Musical Theatre Inter-varsity competition. This was my first encounter with DCU Drama, and the sole reason I am back with them again this academic year. The people I met, the friends I made and the memories we created mean more to me than anyone will ever realise!

I will be playing the role of Sam in “Love Always, Charlie”. Sam is Patrick’s sister and one of Charlie’s romantic interests in the show. She is indestructible! She has had a difficult past but doesn’t let it effect her present state. She is a free spirit and craves the thrill of love, music, and life. I love her. People should come to see the show next week to support every single incredible person who has contributed to this show; production team, cast, backstage crew, band, tech team…the list goes on! The actual content of the show is unbelievable. I guarantee it will have you laughing, crying, and feeling completely fulfilled when you leave”.

Candace – Kate Glynn

“I’m so excited to be involved in this years gig theatre piece ‘Love Always, Charlie’. So much hard work has gone in to this and I’m sure it will all pay off next week. I haven’t been in many plays or musicals before apart from a musical in Transition Year in my school and I also went to a stage school in the last few years. I’m so glad I auditioned this year as it’s been so much fun and I felt so welcomed straight away by everyone in the society! I’m playing the role of Candace and I hope I do her character justice. I love playing the character of Candace as she can be very strong-minded and stubborn but as the play progresses she starts to show more vulnerability and emotion. This play is funny, emotional at times and extremely captivating. It’s one not to be missed”.

Bill – Cathal O’Rourke

“This is my fourth year as a DCU Drama member and LAC will be my final show! In my first year I did Panto and contemporary play, “The Breakfast Club”, while the next year I has the pleasure of being part of the cast for “Trainspotting”. Having played a part in Some People Theatre Company’s “White” at the Dublin Fringe Festival in 2018, I took a break from shows last year, but I’m back and cannot WAIT for you to see this show! Catch me at a Drama open mic night singing “Lose Yourself” for the 28492539th time

I’m playing the role of Bill Anderson and the House Singer. Bill is Charlie’s English teacher and one of the only people who recognises his talents. He actively encourages Charlie to make an effort to get involved more and gives him extra work to try get the best out of him.
Bill is such a wonderful character to play, and doubling as the House Singer has been so so fun!
This is a story so many people love and the show looks at it through a different lens that will bring out ALL the emotions. Get your tickets now to avoid disappointment!”

Mary Elizabeth – Sinead McMullen

Sinead McMullen, 2nd year Comms, plays Mary Elizabeth. “I have been involved in shows from an early age when I first started off in stage school. I then joined Baldoyle musical society where I played roles including Anna in “Frozen solid”, Rapunzel in “entangled”, and Maria Delgado in “9 to 5”. Most recently, I had the opportunity to play the role of Roxie Hart in DCU Drama’s production of “Chicago” and have not left since (sorry lol). Chicago made me fall in love with DCU Drama and everyone in it, more than any of them realise. It is 100% the best decision I’ve made during my time in DCU. I am taking on the role of Mary Elizabeth, a stubborn, straight talking gal who also has a sensitive side to her. Even though she can often try too hard 2 B cool, her heart is in the right place and she is a great frond when it comes to it. Many people have criticisms of her but I love her despite her downfalls. People should come see the show because it’s gonna make you laugh, cry and feel all the human emotions that a typical person would feel over the course of a year. It is such a heartfelt piece and It’s also just a bit class so like, ye get those tix boys and gorls x”.

Alice/Bridget – Kate Brady

“Hi my name is Kate Brady and I am a third year business student. I have been a part of DCU drama since first year where I was first year rep and went on to be treasurer on the committee in second year. I have worked both onstage and on a production team and I have enjoyed being apart of all aspects the shows. I have performed as Georgia in the Panto Dreamin of A Shite Christmas, ‘Juliet’ in Romeo and Juliet and ‘Marci’ in Almost Maine. I directed Good Kids, last years contemporary play. I am playing Alice in Love Always, Charlie. Alice is a really cool character to get the chance to play. She’s trying to find herself like most of the others in the play. She seems to follow the crowd a lot but underneath that she has a lot of ambition and wants to go to film school. Make sure to get your tickets to see this fabulous show that we have all poured so much work into. I’ll bet everyone who comes to see it a tenner that they will love it – and I’m not a betting woman.”

Bob/Carl – Gavin Kelly

“So, before I went to college I had never done any acting or drama productions (unless you count being the angel in the Christmas play when I was 4). DCU Drama caught my eye in first year with its production of Trainspotting so I thought I’d give it a shot, and what do you know, I got a part. I played the part of Mother Superior and it was such a blast! The highlight? Prancing around in only a kimono and boxers as a filthy Scottish drug dealer. I’ve been in love with DCU Drama ever since. My character is Bob, he’s one of the wallflowers and is a pretty chill guy who loves to get lit! You’re gonna have a lot of fun watching him. He reminds me a bit of myself back in first year – take from that what you will. Love Always, Charlie is not only great story with emotional resonance and heart, it’s a delightfully charming piece of gig theatre, filled to the brim with iconic songs, sung by our brilliant cast and performed by a stunning live band. It’s got everything you’d want and more!”

Brad/Dave – Michael Long

“I’m thrilled as all heck to be a part of this show, this is my 7th show with DCU Drama, having been involved with the Panto in first and second year, The musical Sweeney Todd, our last two entries to the Musical Theatre Inter-varsities Hadestown and The Book of Mormon, and last year’s gig theatre Hey Jude. I will be playing Brad Hayes, The quarterback for the football team. Brad is a complex character who struggles throughout the play with his identity whose actions with his friends are shaped greatly by his experiences at home. Love Always, Charlie is such a fabulous piece of theatre, it explores so many facets of friendship, coming of age, and accepting yourself”.

The show dates are 20th and 21st of November in The Venue, with doors opening at 7pm! Tickets are only €7 and are available now! Event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/733287283801922/

“And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.”

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