Meet the Cast & Crew of Hey Jude…

Show starts @ 7:30PM

Adapted from the 2007 Julie Taymor film “Across The Universe” by our members here at DCUDrama, rocking up in Week 9.

One Liverpool man’s search for his father across the atlantic plummets him into the controversial and changing 1960s America, amidst the anti-war movement and leads him to an All-American girl who wants to change the world. Building off the aesthetic of The Beatles, Across the Universe sees its eccentric characters struggle with their dreams, drugs, and love, love love. Beautiful and strange, the story lets its music shape it, allowing for a gig-like feel as it moves through the many Beatles eras.

Latecomers may not be admitted.

Now let’s get to know it’s crew..


Orfhlaith Gannon is a third year Multimedia student (final sad face), and is the Co-Director of Hey Jude.. Last year in drama Orfhlaith was a part of every DCU Drama production, helping out with “The Importance of Being Earnest”, “Dreaming of a Shit Christmas”, and working on the production team for “Trainspotting” and co-directing “Romeo and Juliet”. “Hey Jude has been our baby for so long it’s amazing to see it coming to life! Watching everything slowly come together has been so much fun! In one of the rehearsals I got goosebumps twice, that was a great rehearsal. Something was my favourite Beatles song but this show is making it very  harder to decide!”


Lauren O’Mahony is final year Multimedia student, and is Co-Director of the show. Last year Lauren helped out on all the tech teams for all of the shows (her favourites being stage managing Sweeney & lights for Trainspotting!). “In a few words what’s your experience in Hey Jude been like? It’s been so much fun! I loved the process of adapting the movie into a play, and working with orf has been a dream .What’s been the best part of bringing the show to a stage so far? The first time we got the band and cast to play together gave me shivers, it made me so excited, the singing is just amazing! And my favourite Beatles song is I wanna hold your hand.”



Andrew Dawson is a first year BRelEd and is Musically Directing Hey Jude. This will be his production debut!
“It has been an amazing experience adapting the show from screen to stage it has been enlightening in the music side about how the band plays and so on. The best part of bringing the show to life has been working with the different styles and different way the songs are played and adapted. My favourite song by The Beatles is I want to hold your hand”




Bonnie Yao is a Exchange Program CIEE/first year, and was stage manager for three productions in high school, “The Sound of Music”, “A Midsummer Nights Dream”, and “Into the Woods”.  “Hey Jude is the first production I’ve worked on as a college student; it’s been so much fun to meet with students who are also passionate about theater.  As an exchange student, Hey Jude and drama club became the ways I meet students at DCU and really get involved on campus. It’s been much fun! The best part is for sure meeting all the students who work as actors and as crew. It’s such a great feeling when people who barely knew each other come together to work on a common goal.  A bit of a cliche, but favorite Beatles song has to be Hey Jude.”


Dylan McClorey is first year Communication Studies, and was involved in two different plays in secondary school, which he also stage managed “Oliver!” and “Playboys of the Western World”. “My experience on hey Jude has been very interesting because I’m a huge Beatles fan so It’s so nice to see a group of people my own age celebrating their songs and having a common interest in them. The best part for me is finding out more efficient ways to do my job which my absolutely incredible co stage manager Bonnie has helped me with! My favorite Beatles song is a pretty unknown short song called I’ll Follow the Sun, I always associate it with my childhood and it’s so amazing!”



And introducing our spectacular cast….

Jude Feeny played by SHANE MC GINLEY

Shane is a 3rd year English and Media. “I love playing the part of Jude as he is a upbeat likeable character! He is adventurous, determined and has great chemistry with the others throughout. Hey Jude has been a great experience meeting so many more new people and all the while putting great work into an amazing show. My favorite Beatles song has to be Hey Jude it’s such a classic Beatles tune and so catchy! My favorite song to sing in the show is “I just seen a face” as it’s so fast and full of life! ” Shane’s previous DCU Drama productions include main roles in Northside Story, The Breakfast Club, Dreamin’ oi a Shite Christmas and Trainspotting!

Lucy Carrigan played by AOIFE BRADY

Aoife is a 2nd year Communication Studies “I like Lucy as she becomes stronger and more independent as the play goes on. I think she develops most as a character in the show. It’s been a blast and a half, Blackbird is my favorite Beatles song, it was the first song I learnt on guitar.” Aoife was in the one night only performance of “Trainspotting” last year .

Max Carrigan played by JAMES O’NEIL

James is a 3rd year Computer Applications.
“I like Max because he’s a very laid back kinda guy, and it’s nice to pretend to be laid back! My experience with Hey Jude has been nothing short of amazing; I have absolutely loved working with Lauren and Orf and I have loved acting and performing alongside this incredible cast. My favourite Beatles song is Hey Jude.” James has been in shows since was 10, and I’ve been in shows nearly every year since then, including “White” which had a week long run in the Dublin Fringe festival, in DCU, James has been in productions such as The Book Of Mormon and Pippin, and co-directed The Importance Of Being Earnest last year.

Sadie played by MUIRNE SHAW

Muirne is a 2nd year in B. Ed. “My character’s name is Sadie and I love that she’s not afraid to go for what she wants. Hey Jude has been fab, fun and honestly just great craic.  My favourite Beatles’ song is ‘Yesterday’”. When asked on her previous show experiences, Muirne replied, “Does a TY musical count?”. This will be her first show with DCU Drama.

Jo-Jo played by MICHAEL LONG

Michael is a Second year BRelEd “My favourite thing about Jo-Jo has to be his style and attitude, Hey Jude has been a blast from the get go! It’s been so much fun to work with everybody, especially being able to perform supported by a live band. My favorite Beatles song is either While My Guitar Gently Weeps or Oh Darling”.This is Michael’s fourth show with DCU Drama, taking part in Last year’s panto, as well as Sweeney Todd and our MT Inters piece The Book of Mormon.

Prudence played by KATE GURREN

Kate is a 2nd year Communications Student. Last year she was in “Dreamin’ of a Shite Christmas”, aswell as starring in as Alison and producing “Trainspotting”. “My experience in Hey Jude has been phenomenal. This cast is the definition of a family and rehearsals have become the part of my day that smooths any worries or dents that happen throughout. I adore this show and I share this sentiment with everyone else who joins in. My Favourite song from the Beatles is Here Comes the Sun.”

Now you’ve met the team come down and see them in action for our first production of the year! Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Read HER Campus DCU’s article on our Directing Duo for this show HERE.


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