Freshers Fringe

Have you got a story to tell?


DCU Drama are proud to present the FIRST Freshers Fringe night. Freshers Fringe is an event dedicated to creating, in which groups of 4-8 will perform their very own self written or adapted shows, each lasting around 20 minutes or so. And no, it’s not actually just for freshers, we just really love alliteration.

But what IS it?

Typical of any fringe event these shows can be absolutely ANYTHING. Dancers, Actors, Writers, Singers, Beginners are ALL wanted, just show us something we might not have seen before, make Les Mis a 20m one man show, write your very own episode of your favourite sitcom, or perform The Show That Goes Wrong except have it go… right? We’ve heard a multitude of ideas over the past few days, and really nothing is out of bounds, push yourself to be as creative and adventurous as you can be. We’re trying to encourage the idea that drama isn’t just for people who want to dedicate 8 weeks to 3 day rehearsal nights, or love the attention of a spotlight, drama should be an outlet for anybody┬áto use to express creativity. And who knows, you might get a taste for it and develop your fringe piece into a member production for Semester 2!

But I’ve never created or been in show before?

At least one of our lovely committee members will be on board your team to give you a helping hand, advice, or hold your props if needed.

So have we got your attention?

We’ll have around 4-6 shows hopefully on the night, so get thinking and signing up soon! Namely, sign ups close THIS Sunday the 21st of October at 9 p.m.

If you want to get involved in a show, be it in any shape or way, sign up HERE.

And if you want to come to the event make sure you check it out on Facebook HERE and click attending! We’ll be using that page for updates.

The event will take place in the Solas Room in The U on Tuesday October 30th before Shite Night (or on at this spooky time of year more like fright night amiright), people can apply as a group, or as an individual and get placed into a group. We’ll see you there..

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