“Start Swimming” – Meet the Cast

The contemporary play “Start Swimming”, written by James Fritz, is a show about occupation and what power young people have to create change. It’s an abstract piece that explores freedom, resistance, and revolution, via carefully choreographed spoken word. The show is made up of eight characters with nothing to go on but their basic instincts. One step away from disaster, there’s only one thing left to do: start swimming. 

Hannah Louise Doherty – One

BCL Law and Society

My character is cold, straight-laced, and authoritarian. Rigidly sticking to the rules and enforcing them on others, does she have any humanity left?

This is my first show with DCU Drama and I couldn’t have asked for better. I’m so proud of this lot for making it happen, and so glad to have been involved in such an innovative production. I can only hope the audience has as much fun watching as we’ve had making it happen!

Eoin Finnegan – Two

Bachelor of Education

I play Two, the most cowardly of the eight main characters. He’s in a constant state of anxiety, always apologising and saying whatever he can to avoid angering his oppressors. Despite being visibly unhappy with his situation in the void, he obeys the harsh rules unquestioningly and is forced into committing darker and more ethically questionable deeds, simply because he’s too afraid to speak out and stand up for what he knows is right.

Being part of an online production has, oddly enough, been such a great experience and easily my personal highlight of such a difficult year, especially since we’re attempting something that’s completely different to anything we’ve done before. The cast is so talented and our amazing production team has worked so hard to make sure this is a play like no other. Despite never meeting in person for rehearsals, I like to think that we’ve all bonded well and that I’ve made new friends (although if you ask any of the cast and crew, they might say otherwise!). It just goes to show that it’ll take more than a global pandemic to keep DCU Drama down!

Conall Molloy – Three

MA in Creative Writing

My character, Three, is a guy who is sick of being pushed around. He just wants to live his life and have fun with his pals, but over and over the void stands in his way.

I’ve absolutely loved being a part of this show, and the unique set up that we’ve had to use in order to put it on. It’s been challenging and exciting, and I’m so excited for you to see the show, and be just as challenged and as excited as we were!

Eve McSweeney – Four

Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation

My character is really just looking to have a bitta craic with her mate, but is unable to escape the society she’s trapped within and as the play develops so does her frustration.

My time with the lovely “Start Swimming” swim team has been really rewarding. Not only has it been a great distraction from the world at the moment but it’s also helped me gain a lot more confidence in myself as an actor, not to mention the lovely friends I’ve made along the way!

Martha Clarke – Five

Global Business with French 

I play Five. They’re a big smooth talker, they use empty promises and sucking up to people to get their way. 

“Start Swimming” has been such a cool experience for me. It’s so nice to still be able to do some sort of theatre even though we’re all stuck at home. The production team has worked so hard to make this play work and I’m so excited for everyone to see it!

Colm Flood – Six


I’m playing Six in Start Swimming! The closest comparison to Six that I can think of is Klaus Hargreaves from the Umbrella Academy! It’s really fun.

Overall, my experience of “Start Swimming” has been a great one! I’m grateful for the welcoming cast and crew who helped my first show in DCU Drama be a wonderful experience!

Sinéad Rafter – Seven

Bachelor of Education

Seven wants to be the strong, defiant and rebellious figure of the group, but deep down I think she’s been fighting for too long. She struggles to come to terms with her powerlessness in the situations she’s placed in and reacts in different ways, sometimes with rage and sarcasm, and other times she just feels defeated and fed up of everything.

“Start Swimming” has helped me get through the lockdown for sure. It’s been amazing to have zoom calls to look forward to in the evening times, it’s kept me sane having something other than college work to do while I’m stuck at home. I’ve never been part of an ensemble cast where each character is just as important as the rest, it’s definitely brought us all closer together because each of our characters brings something unique to the show!

David Cotter – Eight


Yo, I’m David and I play Eight. Being a part of “Start Swimming” has been a weird, wild, and wacky time but I hope it’s all made worthwhile when y’all get to see the show!

Eight is new to the setting of “Start Swimming” and essentially introduces the premise to the audience. He’s taken by surprise by most of the events of the play and isn’t exactly sure what he’s supposed to be doing. He’s like a little go-between for the audience and the show really!

Tickets available here: https://dcusu.ticketsolve.com/shows/873616493

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