My experience as part of a DCU Drama subcommittee…

Written by 2020/21 Front of House Manager, Niamh Corry.

What is it like being on a DCU Drama subcommittee?

In one word; fantastic. Last year, I was lucky enough to be a member of the Front of House (FOH) subcommittee under the, always amazing, Beau Carley. As absolutely cheesy as it is, I have to say that being on a subcommittee has been one of the most rewarding, fun, and worthwhile experiences I have had the honor of being part of. Here are some reasons why I think everyone should consider running for a spot on one of our gorgeous subcommittees.

I dabbled in a little FOH in my first year, helping out the team with the musical; “Chicago”. I had never even been to a musical, let alone knew what Front of House was. I quickly realized, me being the little friendly, talkative woman I am, worked extremely well in my favor. I really enjoyed it and definitely wanted to pursue it further, so I put my name down to help Beau with FOH events. 

Then last summer, I saw the subcommittee applications. I was over the moon to see that there was a FOH subcommittee and even more so when I applied and got it. 

Throughout the year, we worked as a team to ensure that show nights went to plan. We met up for coffees, went on nights out, and had a group chat; all of which really created a great bond between us. We, under the excellent guidance of Beau, helped with shows such as “Love Always Charlie”, “Moment” and “The Dancing Dead” in semester one.

Kate, Niamh, and Chloe (2019/20 Front of House Team)

As formal as it sounds, I definitely advanced my teamwork and communication skills by being part of a subcommittee. It gave me a chance to experience committee life and although I had my fair share of stress from course work, commuting, normal life things; being on a subcommittee didn’t add to it, it helped balance everything out. If I was getting stressed about anything, not only did I have Beau and the rest of the subcommittee to turn to, I had a whole committee who were there to support me, have a chat or a giggle, share a coffee (or Jack Slatts) or get advice from. 

The subcommittee is the perfect opportunity for everyone to meet new people, learn new skills in the areas of Tech, Event and PR planning and get to see the other side of Drama that performers sometimes don’t get to see. Plus, it looks great on a CV and you get even closer with your Drama family (always a perk). 

I would definitely recommend applying to whichever subcommittee you have an interest in or even if you just want to dabble in something new for the year ahead. In the words of the great Shia LaBeouf, “If I have enough money to eat, I’m good”. Oh, and also just do it. 

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