The 2020 DCU Annual Drama Awards

It’s not just for gays anymore! To close out our year we’re bringing you a lovely virtual DADAs, over the next few days we’ll be celebrating the best drama had to offer this year in both talent and nonsense! Here’s a handy dandy post on what the DADAs are and who’s nominated this year!

The DADAs is a longstanding DCU Drama tradition. Each year our entire society votes on the members they believe added an extra something to their fields, be it Acting, Production Team work, BTS efforts, General Presence, and everything in-between! Now is your chance to send some good vibes and appreciation into the world. We always push really hard for inclusivity in the DADAs, so be sure to vote outside of your own shows or alliances, there is a world of talent within our midsts here. The nominations you see here have been selected by our committee and production teams, and we are so proud of everyone who took part in our shows this year. (The DADAs are ONLY open to our members for voting.)

Obviously this year’s DADAs come during some unfortunate circumstances, but we will persevere! For our main categories, we will only be taking our Semester One shows into consideration, as it would be unfair to vote on shows 99% of our members haven’t seen, never fear though, there will be recognition for our Semester Two shows on the night. Now, let’s get into who is up for some of our awards..

Our members breaking quarantine to celebrate the DADAs!

First off, our Behind the Scenes Awards!

Best Director

Kate Gurren – Love Always, Charlie

James O’Neill – Moment

Niamh O’Connor – The Dancing Dead

Best Producer

Clara Mooney – Love Always, Charlie

Grainne Henry – Moment

Sean Kennedy – The Dancing Dead

Best Musical Director

Niamh Mary Martin – Love Always, Charlie

Charlotte Cautley – The Dancing Dead

Best Choreographer

Robbie Walsh – The Dancing Dead

Re-open Nominations

Best Technical Design

Love Always, Charlie


The Dancing Dead

Best Overall Production Team

Love Always, Charlie


The Dancing Dead

And now for some Onstage Love…

(Plus we provided some photo aids for anybody who can’t remember a life before quarantine…)

Lead Actor & Actress Nominations


David Cotter as Charlie – Love Always, Charlie

Cameron Kelly as Patrick – Love Always, Charlie

Kevin Cleary as Niall – Moment

Nathan Ryan as Gaary – The Dancing Dead


Sinead McCrohan as Sam – Love Always, Charlie

Martha Clarke as Niamh – Moment

Katie Murphy as Liz – The Dancing Dead

Supporting Actor & Actress Nominations


Michael Long as Brad – Love Always, Charlie

Robert Kenny as Dave – Moment

Eoin Finnegan as The Poet – The Dancing Dead


Sinead Mc Mullen as Mary Elizabeth – Love Always, Charlie

Roisin McArdle as Ruth – Moment

Chloe Langan as Carrie – The Dancing Dead

Best Individual Chorus Member

Kate Brady – Love Always, Charlie

Princess Appau – The Dancing Dead

Best Vocalist

Cathal O’Rourke – Love Always, Charlie

Sheena Devine – The Dancing Dead

Best Open Mic/Karaoke Performance

Roisin McGrane – Toxic

Niamh O’Connor – I’m Here

Katie Murphy – Satisfied

Conall Molloy – Delicate

The Big Boys of Drama – Cell Block Tango

Conall showing up at your front door to give you the award regardless of covid-19

A HUGE best of luck to anyone nominated! You’re all winners already, and we hope to see all our lovely members there for more shout outs during the night, get your Gladrags on for DCU Drama’s 19/20 Season one last time.

Jason Deluro has fallen down the steps of the DADAs

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